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rhinofrica 27%


If seeing beautiful pictures of Africa are of interest to you, you’ll want to check out It’s a marvelous resource that help provide an incredible level of background information on what exactly you can expect when you visit this wonderful place. Naturally, there are going to be some discrepancies but a lot of the differences you’ll experience have to do with the timing of your trip. If you just want a general idea of what you’ll see once you go to Africa, however, you couldn’t ask for a better resource.
thejaxblog 17%


The Jax is a woman born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She has been living all around the world for years, living a gypsy kind of lifestyle. She knows where to find the hippest, newest and best coffeeshops and restaurants and her Instagram feed is absolutely stunning and worth following. Next to that she knows where to find the best travel deals and she has some pretty awesome give-aways.
theincidentaltourist 10%

Dawn Jorgensen

Although the site also features travel tips for going to other countries, the insight it offers for visiting Africa are still quite stellar. The focus of the site is more along the lines of leisure and luxury vacations or backpacking, as well, so it’s definitely worth checking it out if you are someone who is interested in those kinds of those. More to the point, it’s worth pointing out that traveling to Africa is actually a leisure and luxury affair.
inafricaandbeyond 10%

Sara Essop

Sara Essop is definitely a woman who has caught the travel bug. She has traveled to well over 40 countries, mostly in Africa, but also beyond that. She is a published writer for several different established travel magazines and has worked together with countless big brands. Her blog is an absolute treasure if you are talking about travel in Africa, with a nice personal swing in travel stories as well.
Verushka 9%


Check out if you are planning on going on a travel adventure in Africa or just about any place that you are planning on visiting. The site offers tips and hacks that can make traveling a cinch, which is especially important if you are someone who would like to avoid going through as much trouble as possible when on a trip.
thetravelmanuel 7%

Travel Manuel

A travel blog by a couple of backpackers who simply love to see the world and live their lives as they see fit, you really can’t get a clearer picture as to what traveling can be like than if you have This is an exquisite resource that really delves deep into what make for an amazing trip to Africa and everywhere else, for that matter. If you haven’t really done much traveling in your life, this could be your chance to really experience what it’s like. Go ahead and treat yourself.
Kathryn 4%


This blogging resource can provide you with plenty of interesting topics to chew on as you try to plan your trips effectively. That’s why is a resource that you might want to visit a lot and there are plenty of other subjects that you can read, as well.
inspiredlivingsa 4%


Fiona is the creative mind behind Inspired Living South Africa. She lives with her family in Cape Town where she absolutely makes most out of life. Her blog tells about all the fine things that South Africa has to offer, from wine to lifestyle, travel and shopping, fitness and decor. Also for people who aren't traveling to South Africa this blog is a true inspiration to follow!
Man in the Mountain 3%

Zuru Kenya

To visit is to know someone who truly understands the beauty of Africa and more specifically, the most gorgeous aspects of Kenya. An almost criminally underrated tourist spot, there’s much about this place that simply speaks to the human spirit that few others do and brings this understanding to those who might be thinking of going there. This truly is a magnificent website, full of depth and insights that are worth paying attention to.
Gorgeous Girl Blonde Curly Hair 2%


There is so much beauty, grace, and power to experience in Africa and visiting makes this very clear. The sun-drenched plains of the continent is simply breathtaking to anyone who hasn’t been there yet, with the rolling desserts giving away to azure oceans simply opening a doorway to a world that simply deserves to be seen. If you need further evidence that visiting this fantastical destination is something you need to do in your lifetime, this site is more than happy to oblige. After seeing what it has to offer, you’ll likely agree.
minkys 2%


Loren is someone who obviously has a deep love for her country, South-Africa. She loves the good things in life and aims to live her life to the fullest. She shares all of her experiences and best spots in South-Africa on her blog, Minkys. She knows the best restaurants and the most fashionable shops, but isn't scared to go off the beaten track as well!
theworldpursuit 1%


Traveling the world is one of the greatest pleasures that you can possibly experience in life and stopping by Africa is certainly one of the best things that you could possibly do. At, you’ll learn essential information that will give you the resources you need to really experience Africa as you should. It’s also worth pointing out that the site covers other potential destinations with superb detail, so you really want to make sure to check this site out if you plan on touring the planet any time soon.
boy with brown hat 1%

Amateur Traveler

Too many people often forget the Historical significance of Africa in terms of mankind’s earlier civilizations, with all sorts of great structures and places of academic interest literally littering the continent. There are signs all over the place left behind by the older members of the human race, providing clues as to what they were like and how they lived. The site is a treasure trove of photos and information about these locations, which you might like to visit at some point. It certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Mzansigirl 1%


An incredible blog for checking out some of the most wonderful places in Africa to visit, there’s certainly something to be said about the value of learning what has to say on the matter of traveling there. Contrary to what a lot of people might think, Africa is actually home to plenty of leisurely activities such as swimming at the beach or dining in amazing restaurants. It’s not just about going to the Serengeti to check out some wild animals, though, this is also worth doing. The point is that Africa is so much more than people think.
Pretty Girl White Sleeves Black Curly Hair 1%

Naija Living

This blog’s photos are what every traveler’s bucket lists are made of. A luxury travel blog that aims to inspire every reader’s trips and information on every place is detailed. It is well written and quite a good match for every elegant traveler.


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