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The dynamic tandem of a loving mom and her hyperactive son makes this adventure blog a great read especially if you’re considering to travel with your young children. Their daily life in South East Asia is a delight as they give us insights and at the same time tips on how to enjoy the view, the people, and its culture.
African Adventure blogs 2019 14%

African Budget Safaris

Search budget tours around Africa with this blog. This website offers the best African tour prices. Going around Africa and taking that African safari experience need not be super expensive. Follow this site and check out its offers.
African Adventure blogs 2019 3%


To get the best information about travel adventures, this blog is for you. Traveling has been a great experience for the author who left her job as a banker to explore the world. She has been sharing her first-hand experience about her exposure to different cultures, traditions, food and the locals. Her mission is to inform, encourage and inspire others to explore and widen their horizons.
African Adventure blogs 2019 2%

Vaughan & Lauren

These travel nomads have been traveling the world and sharing their experiences thru their blog. Their mission is to encourage readers to enjoy what the world has to offer. This site offers practical tips and advice and to walk that extra mile.
African Adventure blogs 2019 1%


For the love of Africa, its culture, music and festivals, this website was realized. Being an African travel activist, she has a fun and unique style of storytelling. She aims to attend all the major events around Africa.
African Adventure blogs 2019 1%


A personal blog that features the author’s love and personal experiences. She has published a book with blogs about spending time in Gauteng Province. She considers Johannesburg for quite some time now. Read her stories and enjoy the sceneries.
African Adventure blogs 2019 0%

Fiona Rossiter

Having received several recognitions, this blog has evolved to suit every reader’s needs in terms of gathering information about travels, accommodation and romantic getaways. Be inspired to take some awesome adventure by following this blog.
African Adventure blogs 2019 0%

Kathryn Rossiter

South Africa is such a wonderful place and it is great to have that features the best of Africa. This website gives most of the information that we need about beauty, décor, lifestyle, health and travel.
African Adventure blogs 2019 0%


Doing volunteer work in Ethiopia has changed the author’s perspective and learned to love African culture. After her return to the US, she decided to start her backpacking journey and has been unstoppable ever since. Check out her published books about traveling to Ethiopia, reviews, tips and recommendations.
African Adventure blogs 2019 0%

Louise De Waal

With over 50 years of tourism experience, the authors are considered to be the specialists and ambassadors for sustainable tourism. This website offers tourism consulting, articles, and a lot more. Visit its travel portfolio and learn about their projects. 0%


Maggie is a Land Rover that is considered to be the well-travelled overland vehicle in Africa. This website is quite unique with stories about the vehicle’s expeditions. She is always on the go and always ready for the next adventure.


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