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pikachakula 45%

Chandni Solanki

This blog was created by the author’s brother who was later killed in a terrorist attack in 2014. After the incident, this blog was improved and made even more special in memory of him. Readers can enjoy different recipes from all over the world and presented by mouth-watering images.
sallyskitchen 38%

Sally Kamau

This blog’s forte is crafting cupcakes and cakes to ensure the best quality of their products. If you love pretty cakes, this blog is worth the read. The images are simple, clean and with minimal props. Follow this blog and enjoy endless cake recipes that you will surely love.
passthesalt 5%


Run by the food stylist Leila, is genuinely one of the most mesmerizing resources that you’ll find on this list. It’s complete with the most fascinating images of even everyday food items that you would never have given a second thought to. If you love food, you absolutely have to check out contents like “When You Buy One, You Feed One With Pesto Princess & Ladles Of Love” as well as “Silver Creek Distillery: Prohibition Craft Gin, It’s All Razzle Dazzle.” The images alone would be enough to fill your senses with a whole host of satisfying sensations, but the way in which Leila talks about the topics take them to a whole new level.
thelittlehedonist 3%


This site is considered to be an influencer in the field of food. Amilinda Wilkinson is the owner and writer that gives honest restaurant reviews and amazing recipes from all over. She puts her passion for food into words which gave birth to this beautiful blog. She also writes about wine which is surprisingly one of the favorite reviews of most of her followers.
eastafternoon 2%

Georgia East

To describe’s approach at presenting food is to describe the works of the great masters of art throughout history. Georgia East has created a truly spectacular website that manages to bring visitors to the very edge of fantasy whenever they see the images on this site. She then uses her words to weave a sort of fevered dream for the readers, one which they might never want to wake from. When you have contents as tantalizingly appealing as “TAGLIATELLE WITH ANCHOVY, ARTICHOKES AND MUSHROOMS” being dangled in front of you, it can be difficult to pull away and live in the harshness of reality once again.
nigerianlazychef 2%


Nma is a self-proclaimed lazy chef but at her site,, you’ll see that she is anything but that. The resource showcases some of the most inspiring dishes that anyone could ask for and opens the way for a whole new perspective on African cuisine. If you are interested in the many delightful delicacies that Nma has to offer, you are definitely advised to visit this channel. It features such contents as “The Solution To Nigerian Food Wastage: A Webb App,” “The Sweet Sweet Elixir That Is Palm Wine…,” and “Up And Coming…New Ways To Thrill Your Taste Buds In 2018.”
9jafoodie 1%

Ronke Edoho

At, the author Ronke Edoho shares some of the most visually striking images of food that you are going to find. What’s more, she emphasizes their qualities and properties with contents that serve to enhance the appeal of every dish even without the readers actually touching or smelling them in person. With the website featuring such tantalizing offers as Goat Curry in video recipes or Nigerian Egg Stew recipes, you definitely won’t’ regret checking this site out. In fact, if you are any kind of foodie at all, you might even spend hours upon hours just staring at the dishes that this website features.
lifewithme 1%

Megan Daniels

Being a food stylist, writer, recipe developer, photographer and chef, her blog definitely is one of the best blogs to follow. Megan Daniels started her blog to post daily recipes and then became a wine reviewing and food product tasting, and also a travel blog. Her blog also defines fine dining and luxury food tasting experience.
cupcakesandcouscous 1%


The blog name says it all. This blog is here to teach and inspire readers to go back to the kitchen and love the wonders of cooking. Read her numerous recipes and learn to cook like a chef.
talkingtonelly 1%

Nelly Gachanja

Kenyan recipes are definitely one for the books. If you are a lover of authentic African dishes, then this blog is for you. From appetizers, main course and drinks. One can enjoy browsing through Nelly’s blog for it is full of amazing recipes and dishes. 1%


In terms of luxury, this blog features the best in Cape Town. This blog is dedicated to the best luxury food, travel, lifestyle and beauty. Nadine delivers to her readers a collection of images and articles to influence those who aspire to experience luxury living. Explore her world and be inspired.
drizzleanddip 0%


As if the name doesn’t say enough about it, is one website that elicits all kinds of pleasing sensations just by the sound of it. This is no accident as the owner of the website, Sam is a professional food stylist who has made a living off of making food look, sound, and seem as appealing as it is possible to be. You can see the effects of her skills when you visit her site, where plates full of cookies, bowls full of soup, and glasses full of smoothies simply make you drool and beg for reprieve. You might want to eat something before checking this site out since contents like “roast beetroot & onion galette with shaved goats cheese pecorino” might leave you starved.
aninas-recipes 0%

Anina Meyer

If there is anything about food that makes it so universally loved as a topic, it’s the fact that it can make people feel good after feeling so bad. No matter what harrowing experiences a person goes through, a delicious bowl of soup, a juicy piece of meat, or a scrumptious dessert seems to make it all go away. At, the site features some of the most visually stimulating images about food that you could come across and you can thank your lucky stars for that. What’s more, you can actually make these dishes yourself thanks to the recipes provided by the site’s owner, Anina, which are really easy to follow.
bibbyskitchenat36 0%


The site is where Di, the nurturing owner of the site pours her love for food so that readers may enjoy them to their hearts’ content. If you are truly someone who appreciates good food at every level, this is a site that you simply can’t afford to pass up. Seeing such delectable treasures as her “Lemon curd cream cake” and “Harira vegetable soup with barley and quinoa” would be enough to have you dreaming about food heaven. Just imagine how much more you can get out of these contents when you actually follow the recipe and create the dishes on offer for yourself.
baking-ginger 0%


There are food blogs and there are food art blogs, and combines these concepts in ways that can be difficult to describe if you haven’t see the site for yourself. It’s quite possibly on a league of its own, with the author Jane doing a marvelous job combining the most delightful images of food with the most scrumptious descriptions of said food. If you really have to peg her recipes like “Earl Grey Cake with Honey Mascarpone Frosting and Fresh Figs” with a single word, “Heavenly” wouldn’t even suffice. In any case, you definitely want to drop by this website and see what Jane has in store for you next.
simply-delicious-food 0%

Simply Delicious

The whole point of is quite simple to understand. It’s basically where the site’s author, Alida Ryder shares some of her delicious recipes to those who love food. Judging by contents like “Moroccan chicken salad,” “Classic Bacon Cheeseburger,” and “Sweet chilli and Soy baked chicken” her recipes are among the most delectable that anyone could ask for. She has some for everyone, as well, which is important because no one should be allowed to miss out on the expertise that Alida has to offer. You’ll want to keep coming back to this site as often as you can if you really love food, as well.
icecreameveryday 0%

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee

Ice Cream is one of the most popular food items in the world and at, ice cream is the name of the game. It’s where Saaleha Idrees Bamjee expresses her love for this fabulously chilly dessert in one of the most heartwarming ways imaginable. By presenting various incarnations of the cold treat to readers, the website becomes a treasure trove of knowledge that practically anyone with a kitchen can use. On that note, ice cream is not the only kind of food that the site deals with, as well, as it also features contents like “Roasted Macadamia, Cashew and Coconut Butter” and “With Stork Bake: Semolina Halva With Almonds and Vanilla.”
azestylife 0%


At, Yolandi provides plenty of great contents about a variety of topics, including beauty and food. She is a big fan of discussing things that make life more exciting and worth living, basically adding zest to everyday life. This is why the site features such contents as “Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Cake” and “Super Easy Bar Cart DIY with Chalk Paint.” Of course, there are other topics covered by this resource, including lifestyle contents about planning events and the like. You’ll definitely want to stop by this site to get some ideas on how you can spice up your life.
thekatetin 0%


Katelyn’s baking blog reflects her personality as a chef, stylist, recipe developer and food photographer. Her approach to baking cakes and desserts is inspired by family. She makes baking as fun as possible. She wanted to inspire readers to bake and to push themselves and learn in the process.
averagesouthafrican 0%


averagesouthafrican is authored by a certified South African. The author shares experiences and the beauty and diversity of the African culture. This blog is comprehensive and well curated making it one of the best in Africa.


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