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questechie 64%


Questechie is a portmanteau derived from the words, Quest and Techie, which literally mean information that are available for geeks. As its name implies, the site is designed to make information more ready accessible for everyone. It serves as a place where users can learn about the latest trends in technology and as a marketing platform for its affiliate research archive site.
xtrahola 15%


XtraHola is a blog that aims to provide tech answers and support to its readers. It features articles that are intentionally simple enough for a novice to understand, but also complex enough to remain interesting for advanced users. The blog covers a variety of technology topics, from browsing tips, mobile and computer updates, online tutorials, and even relationship and dating advice.
techtrendske 8%


TechTrendsKE is one of the leading news blogs in Kenya. It covers updates and trends in technology and business. It also features reviews about the latest products and services in the field. The blog’s mission is to be a platform where both individuals and companies in the industry can gather, network, share, and learn.TechTrendsKE is one of the leading news blogs in Kenya. It covers updates and trends in technology and business. It also features reviews about the latest products and services in the field. The blog’s mission is to be a platform where both individuals and companies in the industry can gather, network, share, and learn.
vincenttechblog 6%

Vincent Tech Blog

Founded by Vincent Olagbemide, Vincent Tech Blog (VTB) serves as a community for creative engineers, designers, programmers, and other go-getters across the globe. The idea behind the blog is the concept of elevated tech living. VTB integrates high-level tech information with minimalism to create something unique. The site has successfully transformed into the top destination for those looking for reliable tech information.
Bwthblog 5%


There are certainly plenty of reasons why visiting is a great idea if you are a tech enthusiast. First is the fact that it contains some great contents that deal with everything from cryptocurrency to gadget reviews. If you are ever interested in checking out the latest news on crypto mining, Bitcoin, and other similar topics, this is your site. With cryptocurrency becoming such a huge trend these days, it’s certainly an industry that you want to pay attention to. At the very least, you need to make sure that you read contents like “Earn Cryptocurrency Through Referrals With Coindirect’s New Affiliate Program.”
ogbongeblog 1%

Ogbonge Blog

Obongeblog is a tech blog owned and maintained by Jide Ogunsanya. Considered as one of the most successful blogs from Nigeria, Obongeblog offers tutorials and tips related to blogging, social media, telecommunication and mobile devices, and money-making ideas. With almost a decade under its belt, Obongeblog is definitely one of the go-to tech blogs in the region.
3ptechies 1%

3rd Planet Techies

3rd Planet Techies is managed and updated by some of the top ICT experts in the region. The company behind the blog has years of experience in web design and development under its belt. Their content covers several categories including technology, marketing, and the sciences. They not only publish comprehensive reviews, they also offer marketing tips and strategies for startups.
JLL 0%

JLL Africa Blog

Visiting for excellent content about technology would be a good idea, as well as contents about economics and business. You definitely want to check this site out for its wide range of topics, which includes “Are we relying on a 20th century education for a 21st century economy?” and “Life-saving blood conveyed by drone ‘Mr Delivery’.” For those who are involved in running a business of any kind, making sure to be updated on such topics would be highly encouraged.
mobile 360 0%

GSMA Mobile 360 Series

If you want to keep abreast of details regarding the mobile industry, is a site that is worth visiting. The resource detail many of the relevant events that are currently happening within the mobile market. This results in contents like “Mapping the unconnected: GSMA’s new tool to help drive investment in expanding mobile infrastructure.” Suffice it to say, there are plenty of benefits that come with being up to date on what the mobile industry is doing and where it’s going.
webafrica 0%

Web Africa Blog

A lot of the time, learning about tech news is about trying to become a more informed client or buyer. At, you’ll get plenty of contents related to this goal, which should come in quite handy for when you get involved in home security or mobile transactions. This is accomplished via contents like “How to Improve your Home Security the Smart Way,” Beginners Guide to Online Shopping,” and “6 Parental Control Apps for your Home Network.” There are plenty more where that came from, as well, so be sure to read as many of them as you can.
Afrinnovator 0%


There are tech topics that a lot of people are not aware of and which sites like cover with admirable consistency. When taking a look at its contents like “Wagerr; the digital currency that will change sports betting,” it’s clear that the site covers a wider range of topics than most other resources. The same goes for contents that deal with starting a business related to or through the use of new technology. With the landscape of innovation changing way too often, you definitely want to make sure that the information that you are getting is as updated and reliable as possible.
Bankelele 0%


Technology has gotten a lot more involved in fields like banking, finance, and investments, and deals with all of those quite admirably. The coverage is straightforward and the information is presented in a way that most readers will be able to digest it quite easily. It’s quite the specific resource, but if the topics it covers are of great interest to you, then this website will be able to provide you with the details you need.
continuitysa 0%


If business and tech news is what you are after, visiting would be a great idea. Being able to adapt the latest technology into your business strategies would definitely be a worthy reason for checking it out. You’ll quickly see this for yourself when you check out contents like “5 Steps to integrating business continuity and cyber resilience,” which can be especially important considering how the internet has brought down so many established businesses. You certainly don’t want to be left behind and end up becoming the next Nokia, the original one.
Digital Bridge 0%

Digital Bridge

An incredible resource for a non-profit, Digital Bridge is definitely one of those organizations that you’ll want to keep up with and is where you can do that. The site provides plenty of context on what technological marvels the NGO has been introducing to poor communities. The whole point to the organization is to connect these communities with new opportunities. Contents like “‘I'm a senior citizen that codes.’ – 3 things we learned from Alicia Carr's talk about technology and inclusion” shows how they do this.
Mac Jordan 0%

Mac-Jordan Degadjor

Mac-Jordan Degadjor is the owner of the site and the resource provides plenty of amazing contents that anyone who is a fan of new technologies will definitely devour with gusto. Some examples include “BitPesa Launches in Ghana to Provide Digital Currency Payments Service” and “These Startups Are Defying The Status Quo In Cryptocurrency.” If you’re interested in remaining constantly updated on these topics, you definitely want to keep coming back to this site.
dirkstrauss 0%

Dirk Strauss

Dirk Strauss, a South African software developer, is a blogger who loves all things technology. He is currently developing responsive web applications for a popular tech company. He started his blog as a way to share his knowledge and connect with people across the world. He writes extremely well written articles that are always worth a second read.
ethelcofie 0%

Ethel Cofie

Ethel Cofie is the CEO and founder of Edel Technology Consulting, one of the top IT consulting firms in Ghana. She also created Women in Tech Week, a global event which impacts more than 10 thousand women across the world. She specializes in advising and consulting on technology growth in emerging markets and bringing more women into technology careers in the region.


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