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Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | Yoga Life 12%

Yoga Life

The motto of this site is to provide accessible and affordable yoga to everyone regardless of race, and status in life. Run by a family, it keeps the tradition alive and they continuously share it to people especially the locals. It is very apparent in their website and they also integrate modern technology and techniques into reaching more people. Their articles are very helpful especially if you are a beginner yogi. You will find great guides that you can follow by yourself in the hope that you will soon join a class to further explore what you can do with your body.
Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | Yoga Awakening 12%

Yoga Awakening

Using her experiences as a traveler and as a writer, the author of this blog found her passion and mission in promoting healthy living without forgetting to live a life. You will enjoy reading her stories and anecdotes about her experiences daily and her memories of her great travels from different parts of the world. She also writes about her yoga activities and experiences so people who are looking for inspiration will find some guide in her blog. She also publishes some of her photos to show people her daily life as a writer, traveler and a yogi.
Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | Matrix Fitness 12%

Matrix Fitness

The focus of this website is not just for fitness and health, but more of the tools and the equipment that you need to successfully hit your goals. It is important that you use only the right equipment when you are doing your workouts so you won’t have any injuries or any problems later on. The content of this website is more of a guide into choosing the right equipment that you need and why you should get them only in legitimate stores. Just seeing those tools in action, you’ll instantly feel the rush of inspiration to start your workout.
Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | Healthian 12%


This is not just a simple blog where you will read information about fitness and health coming from their own biased experiences. The articles on this website are written by journalists who do heavy researches on the articles they are writing. In return, readers will have access to quality articles that are meant to guide them in their fitness journey. It’s not all about attaining the look you are aiming for, but more of, ensuring that your health takes priority over anything that you are doing. This is definitely built and created with their target audience in mind.
Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | Radiant 12%

Radiant Health Magazine

If you want a holistic approach in health and fitness, this is the perfect site for you. Specifically targeting women, this website is a great read where you can find hundreds of recipes and beauty tips that come along with great guides in doing your physical activities so you can achieve the body that you have been aiming for. It also helps a lot of people into building their own confidence so they can live their daily lives without fears of being judged because of the way they look. It empowers women and help them achieve their goals not for other people to enjoy, but for themselves to appreciate.
Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | The Shala Yoga 12%

The Shala Yoga

This is a beautiful boutique yoga studio that fuses modern architecture and interior design with their traditional practice of yoga. This is definitely meant for millennial who are looking for a great place to do their yoga where they can express their own energy and feel the creative vibe of their surroundings. Just like most yoga blogs, they also post detailed guides and heartwarming stories that are meant to inspire those who want to start their journey in doing yoga and also to those who want to strengthen their practice of it.
Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | Fitness 10%

Fitness His Edition

This fitness magazine is making a difference in the blogging world. It provides the best tips and advice in terms of doing the right workout for men. Read a lot about men's health and fitness by subscribing. This site is here to motivate and inspire men to do exercise that fits their body and do strength training.
Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | Sedevsa 9%

Sports and Exercise Dev SA

It is heartwarming to visit a website wherein it will help you attain your fitness goals and at the same time, helps other people in their journey to become a better version of themselves. The articles that you will read in this website are mostly about how sports and recreation can have positive impacts to a society. How it can help transform individuals to be better in every aspect of their lives. Just by reading this site, you will be amazed at the sheer volume of people they have already touched during the course of their activities.
Best Health and Fitness Blogs 2019 | Inspired Living SA 9%

Inspired Living SA

This personal blog provides travel and product reviews as well as inspire readers to adapt a healthy life. Read about how to's of a healthy lifestyle and be able to reap its benefits. This site is full of helpful and actionable tips for readers to cope with the phase to a healthy body and mind. Gorgeous images are provided for the author of this blog is a talented photographer and writer. Fiona is totally a health and happiness influencer in the blogging world.


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