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Moving to Africa can be both an adventure and escape. It is a huge life change, one that will considerably affect a person’s life as well as that of his friends and family members. If you are planning your move or just looking for guidance before making this momentous decision, the African expat bloggers on this list can be a great starting point.

Expat bloggers represent a distinctive sub-category of travel bloggers. In fact, most of them may not even be categorized as travel bloggers. They might start out blogging about the cultural differences of their new home in Africa from their country of origin, but as they eventually settle in, it may be hard for them to look at their new home the same way that a nomadic traveler would. The bloggers nominated for this award represent the best of the best – coming from all walks of life and covering different niches in the category.

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Nadine Murphy is a British mom blogger who moved to Cape Town and Kenya with her three children. When she started blogging, the space served two purposes: detailing her struggles with motherhood and recording her experiences with the realities of life in a foreign country. Her guides about living and traveling in Nairobi are very comprehensive and informative, offering authoritative resources for those who are considering making the move themselves.
Heather Mason is an American living in Johannesburg. She created her blog, 2Summers, shortly after she moved to the region, at the end of the American summer and the beginning of the South African summer. The blog serves as a platform for here to share her stories and her photography about her life in Johannesburg and her travels across Africa. Her laidback and interesting takes bring the city to life for her readers.
Eva Melusine Thieme created Joburg Expat, an award-winning blog which details her family’s escapades and experiences in South Africa. Although she has since then moved to Tennessee with her husband and four teenages, her posts about her stay in Africa relay to readers the realities and challenges of raising a family abroad. Her blog serves as a personal and informative space where potential expats can learn about what it is like to live in the region.
Johnny Africa came to life in 2013, after its founder, Johnny, took an offer to go to South Africa. Before he eventually moved back into America, Johnny has traveled to and explored 12 countries in the region. His stunning photography and incredible stories about his life in the continent (including gorilla trekking in Uganda, hitch-hiking to the beautiful beaches of Mozambique, and trying to climb the the extraordinary giant baobab trees of Madagascar) serve as a great inspiration and information resource for potential expats.
Reeva is no stranger to the process of emigration. She has moved thrice and is now based in Perth. As a proud South African in this new city, Reeva shares practical advice about migrating and talks about the emotional aspects of packing up and moving countries. On top of her guides for relocating, Reeva also writes about the best places to visit, fun things to do and exciting events to check out in Perth.
Maple and Marula is the brainchild of Phil, a university English instructor whose work brought him to South Africa. The blog served as a platform where he can share with his friends and family members his experiences and adventures in his new home. His readers can expect to see stunning photography as well as funny and detailed anecdotes which make up his life in a foreign country. It is a very personal and humorous take about expat living in the region.
Nicola Beach is a self-proclaimed Jill-of-all-Trades who is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She writes about a wide variety of topics - from her life in the region, to parenting and adventuring with her children, to her travel exploits. Her readers can expect to read about the good and the bad when it comes to her life overseas. Expatorama is always a fun read - with a tone that feel like you are catching up with an old friend, who happens to know some really cool places.
Beatrice Chan is an author and self-professed nomad who wishes to help fellow expats navigate their life abroad. Her blog reflects her philosophy on writing, which is the seamless integration of authenticity, meaning, and creativity. Readers can expect to find guides about the culture of the region, the best places to eat, and her own personal experiences. There is an amazing section in her site devoted entirely to interviews with fellow expats - something that readers might want to check out for the diversity of opinions and experiences.
Trevor is a microbiologist who moved from the UK to Cape Town, South Africa. 6000 Miles Away from Civilization started out as a way for him to keep in touch with his family and friends from back home. Eventually, it has evolved into a space where he posts about South African culture, politics, and travel. His interesting, and often humorous, take on everyday life makes Trevor's blog a must-read.
Piyushi Dhir used to work as a human resource manager before she quit to pursue her passion in writing. Her website showcases not only her published fiction books, it also contains her musing and thoughts on motherhood, raising kids, and her travel experiences and adventures. Her blog contains helpful stories and tips that travelers can trust when they are looking for reliable information about popular destinations.

Debbie Mc Loughlin

Debbie was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. She moved to Minnesota to attend college, and eventually decided to stay there for work. An accountant by day, Debbie is one fearless blogger and mom, raising two beautiful little girls with her wife, Jeanna. Her blog covers a wide range of topics, from parenting to recipes and crafts. With her real-life stories and amazing personality, Debbie’s blog is a definite must-read
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